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We are eager to hear from you. Contact us with your responses, questions, and possible submissions to our site. We will use your full name, unless you indicate otherwise.

I know the source of that "source unknown" verse on the back of the Winter "Caravans" piece: "O Christ, what shall we offer you coming on earth," etc. That's a troprarion from the vespers service of Christmas in the Orthodox Church. There are
various translations of it, as you'd imagine, but that's definitely it.
Dave O’Neal, Boston, MA.

I checked out your web site and am ready to sign up for all of it. Take care of yourselves. You’re doing important work well.
Jeanine Hathaway, Witchita, KS.

I read your newsletter with great interest. On your web site I look forward to the more hopeful content of “international news” which Fr. Dave is inaugurating. [See “Tent of Meeting.”] Both of you have answered the call to prayer and contemplation leading to greater dialogue and understanding among all of us, different peoples of God’s Earth who all yearn for the same: respect, basic shelter, food, clothing; love, health, work, just wages, safe environment, freedom from fear and oppression, ultimately peace in one’s heart and in our world.
Catherine Lepoutre, Riverside, CT.

I’m always looking for book titles and am so glad your newsletters include reviews. I’ve been wanting Carlo Carretto’s “Letters from the Desert” for quite a while.
June Sweeney, Ardsley, PA.

“Caravans” was really one of the most interesting things I have read and I am going to send to my library in New York for Wilfred Thesiger’s “Arabian Sands.” I found I can get very stuck in my Christianity sometimes. Rumi is one of my favorite poets; he does wake me up, especially in the poem you quoted.
Grace Huffman, Snowmass, CO.

I am heartened by your new projects and putting them all together, and at Crestone, your base, your desert, and your destiny. I hope and pray for your continuing teaching, sharing, ministry, creativity, and your life in Christ in the deserts of the world, all under your seasoned spiritual direction.
James Foy, Kensington, MD.

Congratulations on your Great Leap of Faith. It is inspiring and magnificant. I know the newborn baby Jesus is blazing immensely in the manger of your hearts.
Cynthia West, Santa Fe, NM.

Meister Eckhart, the 14th-century Christian mystic, wrote: “God is always needing to be born.” If He is, maybe Magi always need to find Him. Based on what we know about the Magi, they seem to have strong conviction: they are willing to go far from home; they find wise people to go with them; they follow bright stars; they recognize new life when they see it; they feel awe; they give gifts; they receive blessings; and they act on dreams. As good a plan for any journey in the new year as it was long ago!
Mary French, Wayne, PA.

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