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We are eager to hear from you. Contact us with your responses, questions, and possible submissions to our site. We will use your full name, unless you indicate otherwise.

The Desert Foundation--great name you have chosen!
G.C., Crestone, Colorado

May you be blessed in this new endeavor.
J.F., Portland, Oregon

It takes strength and trust to make such a bold move.
C.C., Crestone, Colorado

What a surprise! But you’ve always been full of surprises. Looking forward to hearing more about the Desert Foundation.
P.S., San Diego, California

The site is beautiful and reflects your wise and loving hearts.
J. H., Santa Fe, New Mexico

The web site is wonderful! I love the contrast of the Sand Dunes and the bounty of the farmer’s market--just like life. JudyMaselli’s piece felt like home! Congratulations on all the great progress--moving in, putting down roots, reaching out – thriving like the cedars growing out of rocks in Sedona or those sand dune sunflowers. God blesses us all.
L.M., Santa Fe, New Mexico

I think your web site is captivating. The colors and quotes are spare without being arid. The photos, especially of your [Fire and Light] students, have depth and vivacity. I liked the evocations of Thomas Merton, whose WISDOM OF THE DESERT I read many years ago, when being a college president was too much with me, and patristic solitudes, with great distances in time, seemed purifying and comforting. I like the elder quoted by Merton to a brother: “Whatever you see your soul to desire according to God, do that thing, and you shall keep your heart safe.” The key words, I imagine, are “according to God.” One could take that quote with undifferentiated and undiluted stress on the soul’s desire which accent is not merely lopsided but dangerous and imperiling to the individual human heart.
T.F., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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