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Desert Prayer We often have no words of our own for prayer, but the Spirit aids us (Romans 8:26), sometimes through the words of others who have suffered and celebrated life in the physical or spiritual desert.

Seasons celebrates the natural and liturgical rhythms of life in the desert: day and night, planting and harvesting, fasting and feasting.

Tent of Meeting examines current issues and events pertaining to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and occasionally includes historical reflections to help us understand the present and work toward a future based on respect, reconciliation, and peace between the Abrahamic traditions.

Walls and Bridges: Holy Land Watch explores life in the land in which Abraham lived and died, Mary gave birth to Jesus, and from which Muhammad journeyed to heaven. We reflect on peacemaking efforts, walls of injustice, and bridges of hope in Israel/Palestine. We search the contemplative traditions of the Abrahamic communities for wisdom that may unite rather than divide them.

Wisdom of the Desert provides a place for spiritual reading and reflection rooted in the spirit of the Christian Desert Fathers and Mothers and other contemporary seekers who have been transformed by the desert experience.


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