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Welcome To The Desert Foundation

The Desert Foundation was founded in June 2005 and is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible. By donating to The Desert Foundation, you help us maintain this website and research and write about desert lands, peoples, and spirituality.

The "Donate" button below will take you to PayPal's secure site, to make your tax-deductable donation in the amount of your choice.

You help foster the building of this circle of friends dedicated to celebrating the wisdom of the desert through poetry and prose, art and photography, and to the healing of wounds between and within people weathering the harrowing passage through the deserts of loss, grief, trauma, and what St. John of the Cross called the dark night of the soul.

We look forward to your responses to any of these pages, and welcome your contributions of writing, art, and photography for possible inclusion on our site.

You may send submissions and donations to:

The Desert Foundation
PO Box 1000
Crestone, CO 81131

Or you may email us at


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