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As the deserts of the American southwest experience chronic drought and high fire danger, please join us in prayers for rain.

Leader: O Lord, grant your people much needed rainfall.
Response: We beg you to hear us.
L: Lord, cover the heavens with clouds.
R: And prepare rain for the earth.
L: That grass may spring up in the hills.
R: And vegetation for our use.
L: Sprinkle the land from the clouds up above.
R: And the earth will be saturated by the work of your hands.
L: Lord, heed my prayer.
R: And let my cry be heard by you.
L: The Lord be with you.
R: And also with you.

Let us pray. God, in whom we live and move and have our being, grant us rain in plenty, so that as we amply experience your gifts of the present time we may all the more confidently desire those of eternity. Grant, we beg you, almighty God, that we who put our trust in you in this afflicting drought may ever be shielded from all adversities. Lord, give us, we pray, plentiful rainfall, and graciously pour out on the parched earth moisture from the heavenly vaults; through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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