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all art by Colorado College Fire and Light students, 2005
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December 25

O inexpressible mystery
and unheard-of paradox; the Invisible is seen;
the Intangible is touched;
the Eternal Word becomes
accessible to our speech;
the timeless steps into time;
the Son of God becomes the
Son of Man.

Gregory of Nyssa

December 26

Maid, out of thy unquarried mountain-land
Came Christ, the corner-stone
unhewn by hand
Which lined two sundered natures.
Hence on high
thee, God's own Mother,
We would magnify.

translated by G.R. Woodward from the Greek liturgy

December 27

... One by one the shepherds,
with their snowy feet,
stamp and shake out
their hats upon the stable dirt
and one by one kneel
down to look upon
their LIFE.

Thomas Merton

December 28

Whom have you seen, O ye shepherds?
Speak ye, and tell us who hath
appeared on earth.
A Child we saw, and choirs of Angels
singing praise unto the Lord,
alleluia, alleluia.

Antiphon for Lauds, Christmas Day

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