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Teachings and Practices to Free the Mystic in You
Available now from phn:800-333-9185

Is an intimate experience of the Divine meant only for saints and mystics? Ask Tessa Bielecki, and the answer is an emphatic no. “Mystical experience is as natural to us as breathing,” she explains. “It erupts spontaneously and graciously when we live on the spot and savor the real.” Wild at Heart presents her call to you, the ordinary seeker, for a loving realization of God that is your divine birthright.

A former Carmelite nun and abbess of a monastic community, Tessa Bielecki guides you through six hours of practical, easy-to-follow teachings—stemming from her forty years of communal worship—and an in-depth study of Christian mystics, including Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross, Saint Augustine, and others. Join her to rediscover the radiant heart of Christianity, and bring the mystic’s depth of passion to your own spiritual practice.

Holy Daring—The Way of the Mystic
Have you felt incomplete in your spiritual life? Are you searching for a way to expand your contemplation of the Divine? Wild at Heart offers you the opportunity to embark upon Saint Teresa’s “holy daring”—the complete embrace of everything that arises in your life. This, teaches Tessa Bielecki, is the way of the mystic—an unending celebration of God that continually unfolds the ecstatic experience of all as sacred.

“Disciplined Wildness”—Redefining the Act of Prayer
To the mystic, prayer means much more than routine recitations and entreaties to God. On Wild at Heart, Tessa Bielecki shows you the immersive prayers and meditations of the early Christian fathers and mothers, to instill in you their “disciplined wildness.” Through many exercises and insights, you will radically change where, when, and how you pray. Imagine reading a psalm in a way that deeply reflects your heart in any particular moment ... singing and dancing with God ... or allowing yourself to pray entirely without words. With Bielecki’s gentle instruction, you will develop a personal mode of prayer to expand your awareness of God everywhere you turn. (From the cover notes.)


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